About ISR

The International Society of Radiology (ISR) is a federation of 86 of the world’s national radiological societies with a mission to facilitate the global endeavors of the ISR’s
member organizations in order to improve patient care and population health through diagnostic medical imaging and image-guided interventions.

This federation allows our profession to speak with a unified voice in dealing with global issues affecting the specialty of radiology, the patients and public we serve.

The ISR serves as a representative Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the World Health Organization and is radiology’s primary advisor to the WHO and the IAEA and represents the national radiological societies at the WHO and the IAEA on issues relation to radiology, radiation protection and population health.

It is through this role that the ISR is able to advance its two primary missions on behalf of the member societies:

  1. Promoting global radiological quality and safety
  2. Promoting high quality radiological education world wide, especially in underserved areas

ISR Executive Committee                         

Prof. Lluis Donoso Bach

Prof. Renato Mendonca

Prof. Bibb Allen

Prof. Sudhir Vinayak

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